The Union

The Intergalactic Union of Free People (IUFP) is one of the two extraterrestrian parties involved in the war. Facing to the Federation, it has a vast and powerful army, led by a talented Etat-Major. Finally, it is the coalition of which Kork and Pwips belong.

The Federation

The Universal Federation of Democratic Nations (UFDN) is the other superpower in the universe. Its armada is incredible, and its technological mastery is very advanced. Its soliders fight for the democratization of all nations, attacking for that reason its great opponent. : the Union.

But let's talk about our two Unionist heroes instead : Kork and Pwips.


Kork is the leader of the duet. Thanks to his height, his strength and his bravery, he is definively one of the best warrior of his world. Kork is a master of hand-to-hand fighting, as he refuses the use of the latest fashion technologies. Indeed, Kork belongs to a minority and stubborn clan which is militating for a return to ancestral habits and to traditional values, refusing any material dependance. That makes Kork a useless fighter in a context of a modern war and that is why he has been downgraded to the very lower rungs of the hierarchy and associated with Pwips.


Rather unskilled in fighting, Pwips is a debonair and cheerful person. What is more, he is a veritable inventor and mechanical ingineer. However his brilliant inventions are generally of a little interest for the army and have a trend to break down easily. Worried about the ethical questions that raises the progress of sciences, Pwips is an tireless philosophical examiner, and so, he has very limited physical skills. But his weakness and his short height are largely offset by his smartness, most often unappreciated by the army, included by Kork, who damns the day when he was associated to this drag. However, this duet dispised by everybody is not without any potential once their skills are brought together.

The Etat-Major

The Etat-Major constitutes both the head and the arm of the Union. It is composed of the most important people and the best strategists and militaries of the coalition. They gave to Kork and Pwips the mission "To study the terrestrian forms of life and the prospects of colonizing planet Earth." It is obvious that the Etat-Major gave to our two protagonists this routine mission, what is more on a aqueous and uninteresting planet, in order to put these two flat-footed away for the longest time possible.