Islets, Aliens and Philosophy was born during summer 2006 in the mind of Funto and Wister :
"We met each other in "classe préparatoire" at the Lycée Masséna, city of Nice in France, then we began to develop some projects together. Star Fighter was the first one : a 2D vertical-scrolling starship game, then Spirit, a 3D RPG...but none of them had been completed. But it gave us enough experience to allow us to launch a new bigger project, and during this period, Funto has developped many development tools and programs, or useful classes...

At last, Wister wanted to begin a new project of life simulation on an island, with autonomous animal species. But the call of the gamer led him to wish a management game of species, still on an island, then with Funto we put two heroes into it, Kork and Pwips, and we added some adventure, action, without forgotting strategy/management aspects.

The name of the game had to be found and many hours of debate later we found this brillant name of IAP, an original tittle that should carry the unique spirit of the game. So IAP should be an all-around game, that has got solidity thanks to the long reflections we led since summer 2006. The team enlarged, a web site and a forum were created, a solid scenario was written, the first models and code germinated...The project is now progressing and we are convinced that we will make it as we wished : a 3D game with charm and character, full of the passion of its creators."