IAP is mainly a third person view action/adventure/role playing game, but depending on the situation, the player can use a subjective view as a first person shooter, for instance when he has to use some special objects. The player will have to explore and to set up on hostile islands, laying out his own buildings and equipments. He will also have to resolve teasers and enigmas, to fight against creatures, sometimes to capture them, or to cultivate exotic plants in order to complete his scientific mission.

We want the game to be humourous. The dramatic storyline is a pretext for false-true philosophical debates.

The player will have to control in turn the two characters, Kork and Pwips. You just need indeed to go to the base camp to switch between your heroes, and the passive one will be assigned to the activity you want him to do : to develop new technologies, to make new tools or objects...or even to philosophy ! At the begining, the base camp will be the crash site of your starship, the Ravager. First, the player will have to set up and will be busy with pastoral tasks as every insular marooned does : cutting trees down to get wood, hunting, fishing, do-it-yourself...But action will progressively gain the upper hand on the management as the player will make headway in the game storyline.

The two heroes are totally diffretent, they have different personalities and caracteristics, so the judicious choice of the character according to the situation will be a straight-line condition for the player's progression. The interaction with the environment will also be of great importance : the player will need to create and use his own tools and technologies in order to face up the different situations.

Adventure, action, shooting, reflection or management will come after each others to give to the player an unique sensation of freedom and game variety, all of that in a humourous ambience.

Globally, the player will be led by his military superiors from the mother planet thanks to a pocket holographic representation. So he will have precise goals, but will keep a total freedom in how to make them, notably with secondary missions, bonus to unlock, or mini-games.