Once after a time...

The most important philosophical war of all times...well, actually the first. Far after the extinction of the Human race, everybody was in agreement on the pursuit of a better world, but all disagreed on the way to get it. There were those who militated for the people's freedom, and those who sustained, on the contrary, the democratisation of nations. The opposition was of course absolute, so that the war outburst soon between the two main parties : the Intergalactic Union of Free People and the Universal Federation of the Democratic Nations.

Here begin the adventures of Kork and Pwips, two soldiers belonging to the Union and who were sent on planet Earth for a trivial scientific mission. Their goal was to study the different forms of terrian life and the prospects of colonizing this planet.

If the mission seems to have no interest, that is because the duet has a reputation of unskilfulness and incompetence, if not stupid. But the two comrades made it their study to achieve their mission with all the abnegation that the practice of philosophy grants them. Indeed, on arriving on Earth, on board of their faithful starship "The Ravager", they miss their landing and damaged their ship on the crash, legitimating the scepticism of their Etat-Major.

Anyway ! They now have to adventure on the Archipelago, a rafts of emerged lands lost in the middle of a planetary ocean. They will need to complete their mission on this strange Archipelago, that could maybe hide a secret far bigger that all what they could have imagined, a secret taht could upset the ending of the War.

After all everybody know that hm ? 'cause if not, there wouldn't be any game, right ? So, welcome in the fantastic universe of Islets, Aliens, and Philosophy ! The tittle should appear cleared for you after this presentation. And, what is more important, don't forget to philosophy !!!