In order to understand what will make the game interesting -we think- as it should have a strong "personality", you need to see what spirit we want to give to it and the background and universe in which the player will adventure.

The scene takes place on some heavenly islets surrounded by a very futuristic time (the Man does not exist anymore) but still with much aspects of a primary and exotic land, with volcanos, white sand beaches, palm-trees, crystal minerals, glades, small rivers and lakes. The world surrounding the player should be a-temporal : we will underline exoticism and fantasizing, supported by an original music mixing medieval, arabic or spanish influences and electro !

Moreover, you will have appointment with some humour thanks to fake truly philosophical discussions, references, irony, still in a kitsch style voluntarily kept. For instance, just look at the Ravager, the starship of Kork and Pwips that does not seem to be able to ravage anything with its cheap wood helix as the old steamboats from the XIXth century. The continuing faints of our two heroes' technologies will force them to always choose crazy or ridiculous ways to accomplish their aim

IAP in 5 words : fake serious futuristic post-apocalyptic fantasy. Right, now better, in 3 words : Islets, Aliens, and Philosophy (we don't count the "and", right ? :p). That is why we should talk about a "IAP Spirit".